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Field trips are an integral part of the instruction at the Program Challenge Center and will be scheduled to supplement the curriculum. These trips are designed to enhance the student’s overall learning experience and expand their thinking.
Safety while learning is of the utmost importance to the Enrichment Center; and for this reason, we feel it is necessary to implement certain policies concerning upcoming field trips.
Expectations are that students:
  • must exhibit expected appropriate behavior.
  • must be in good standing with bus conduct.
  • must maintain proper respect with authority figures

ChaperonesTop of Page

Chaperones will be selected based on a need for adult to student ratio.

  1. Chaperones must be on the GSCS approved list of volunteers.
  2. Chaperones must be willing to supervise small groups of students and follow chaperone guidelines.
  3. Approved chaperones are the only persons allowed to attend Enrichment Center field trips. 
  4. Chaperones MUST ride the bus to and from the destination.
  5. All chaperones must be 23 years old to attend GSCS field trips.

DeadlinesTop of Page

Deadlines are of the utmost importance.
Reservations must be made and buses must be requested. Deadlines not met will result in your child NOT attending field trips.
Chaperones wishing to attend field trips must also meet all deadlines and financial obligations to be considered for field trip attendance.
The Enrichment Center will not deny a child a field trip because of lack of funds; however, if sufficient funds are not collected to cover the cost of the trip, it may be cancelled.
We do offer a way for students with financial need to get help. Applications, letters of need from parent/guardian, and essays must be submitted in a timely manner in order to be considered. This is done on a case by case basis.
**There will be no refunds on trips after the money has been sent to the field trip destination.
**Last dates for refunds/partial refunds will be clearly typed on each permission/informational letter for each field trip.

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